Stample is a mobile app that allows you to collect virtual stamps--- not the kind you stick onto a letter, but the kind you get in your passport when you travel.

We have hidden our stamps on lots of cool real-world locations* for you to discover. If Stample is installed on your mobile device, all you need to do is be at such a location, and you'll be notified automatically. Then, collecting the stamp is as simple as tapping the screen!

How Stample works: travel to an interesting location, receive a notification, collect a stamp!

Build your own collection of digital souvenirs, or trade stamps with friends to help each other. It's easy, fun, and 100% free!

Travel. Stamp. Collect. Can you find them all?

* Stample is currently kicking off in the Netherlands. Download the app in the Dutch Google Play Store.

More information

Suggest a stamp

Make Stample even more fun! Use the suggestion form to suggest a new location or send a stamp image. Designers will be mentioned in the app.


Stample is a location-based mobile app, but it stores and shares very little information about its users. Long story short: we obviously keep track of the stamps you've collected, but everything else is up to you. Our privacy policy explains all the details.