Do you have a question about Stample? This page contains frequently asked questions.


Q: What do I need in order to use Stample?

A: The most important ingredients are: a smartphone running Android 2.2 or higher, a mobile data connection, and a valid e-mail address. You also need to allow your phone to retrieve your location.

Q: Do I need to open Stample manually in order to find stamps?

A: No-- Stample will run as long as you don't log out. (You will remain logged in if you close the app using the Home/Back key.) Whenever a stamp is within reach, you will receive a notification. Tap it to start collecting the stamp.

Q: I never receive any stamps, and when I open Stample, the compass says that the nearest stamp is unknown. What's going on?

A: You may have disabled location services on your device. Next to separate settings for GPS and network locations, your phone may also have a general setting that is preventing all location updates. Try to find this setting and change it to allow location services.

Q: I've received a "new stamp" notification, but I didn't get a stamp. Why?

A: The notification is only there to tell you that a stamp is within reach. To collect the stamp, you need to launch Stample, open the message list, and tap the corresponding "new stamp" message. (Tapping the notification sends you straight to the message list.)


Q: Which stamps are currently available? Where can I find them?

A: That's a secret! Stample is like a treasure hunt: use the compass in the app for directions towards the nearest stamp, or discuss Stample with your friends. Hint: try visiting interesting cities and touristic highlights.

Q: In which countries can I find stamps?

A: Currently, stamps can only be found in the Netherlands. We would love to go global, but we can only achieve this with your support. Check out the suggestion form to see how you can help us out.

Q: I know a great place for a stamp! / I've drawn a cool stamp image! Can I send it to you?

A: Of course! Use the suggestion form to submit new stamp ideas or images. We'd love to hear from you!

Location and data

Q: Why do I need a mobile data connection for Stample?

A: Stample needs to retrieve the details of stamps when they are nearby. Because many stamps are located in areas without WiFi access, it is important that you can send and receive data at all times. Don't worry, though: Stample will keep data traffic to a minimum, as explained in our privacy policy.

Q: Will Stample still work if I disable GPS locations?

A: Yes, but accuracy will most likely drop. Stample uses network locations (faster and more energy-efficient, but less accurate) as long as possible; it switches to GPS whenever more accuracy is needed. If you do not allow GPS traffic, you may miss stamps due to the inaccuracies in network-based locations.

Q: Will Stample still work if I disable network locations?

A: Yes-- in that case, Stample will always use GPS. However, we recommend to enable network location updates, because GPS requires more battery power.


Q: How is my Stample score computed?

A: Every stamp has a certain value in points. Your score is the sum of the values of all stamps you've collected.

Q: Why am I (not) listed in the online leaderboards?

A: You may decide for yourself whether your nickname, avatar, and score should appear on our website. Look for the "Display stats online" option in your Stample app settings.


Q: How does Stample treat my personal information?

A: Please read our privacy policy for all details.